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Libb's Trail is one of the first things you see when visiting Wildcat Bluff. Located west of the Visitor's Center, this paved trail is about 2,000 feet long! Guests can walk this path with ease as a way to explore the outdoors without having to go too far from the parking lot.

About Libb's Trail:

Wildcat Bluff has a tradition of outdoor, environmental, and nature-based education. A lot of that time is spent in our Libb's Trail area. 


Libb's Trail is an ADA-accessible and paved trail that was dedicated in memory of Libb Wallace, a local kiddo who loved wildlife and the curiosities of nature.


The trail is 2,000 feet of meandering path that includes a man-made pond and stream, dry creek bed, prehistoric dig pit, and a geologic history wall as well as native shortgrass prairie areas and mesquite grasslands.


Along the path is also a bird blind, pollinator garden, pavilion, earth circle, and found items playground. Guests have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of cotton tail rabbits, quail, and much more.


Libb Wallace's memory lives on here at The Bluff as we continue to spark people's curiosity of nature and encourage their love of wildlife. With routine maintenance and upkeep, we're securing access to the beauty of the Panhandle for everyone who visits The Bluff.


Next time you visit, we encourage you to take a stroll on Libb's Trail and harness that childlike wonder in remembrance of Libb Wallace.

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