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Libb's Trail is a 5 acre space behind our Visitor Center with paved, accessible trails, a big sand dig pit and a spring area with a pond to explore. It was originally designed to simulate our southern prairie ecosystem and show visitors all the reasons humans have made our area their home for thousands of years. It houses our pavilion and several picnic tables under the trees for a shady spot to cool off after a long hike or to simply have some lunch with friends.


If you've been to The Bluff, you've no doubt seen and enjoyed Libb's Trail in some capacity but do you know why Libb's is called Libb's? That little guy in the picture there is Libb! A little boy with limited mobility, Libb used a wheelchair to get around. Like many though, that didn't keep him playing outside and doing the things little boys like to do. Sadly, Libb passed away when he wasn't much older than he is in the painting. Libb's friends and family, wanting to honor his memory and make a place for everyone to enjoy, helped create Libb's Trail.


So now, when you visit Libb's Trail on a sunny afternoon by yourself or with your own friends and family, you can remember the little boy with a love of playing outside who's memory created a space for all of us to create more memories for years to come.


If you're able to, please help us keep Libb's and all of Wildcat Bluff a place for our community to enjoy for years to come with a donation. We're entirely donation funded and every bit is gratefully appreciated.

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