The spring at Libb's Trail is currently being updated. It's an oasis in the prairie, designed to mimic the natural springs that were orginally found throughout the plains delivering fresh water from the Ogallala Aquifer to the surface.  Check out the pond while you're here - you're likely to see birds, frogs and fish as well as tracks from the larger animals that use this important resource.  We've even seen a Mule Deer buck cooling off in the water on a particularly hot day!

Current Project

 Libb's Trail Updates and Upgrades!

Libb's Trail, adjacent to our Visitor Center is a meandering, accessible 2,000 feet of paved trail that loops over several acres and includes a man made spring fed stream, dry creek bed, prehistoric dig pit and a geologic history wall as well as native shortgrass prairie areas and mesquite grasslands..   Here we can talk to school groups and have community events and programs that enrich the lives of residents from all over the Texas panhandle and beyond.

This year our focus is on improvements and upgrades to that area.  Pipe fencing, a pavilion with water catchment and solar power that can be used for both education and events and refurbishing the spring and pond area are some ways we plan to bring our visitors even more opportunities to get close to our unique high plains environment!

You can be a part of this exciting year-long project by donating to our Libb's Trail Project Fund.  For every sponsorship donation of $25 or more now through the end of 2018, your name will appear on our sponsor wall so our visitors will know that YOU SUPPORT YOUR NATURE CENTER!

If you'd like to help fund any current or future projects at Wildcat Bluff, please give us a call at 806-352-6007 or click on the button below.

If you have skills with carpentry, plumbing, electrical or landscaping and would like to donate your time and talents or you have supplies that you'd like to send our way, we would love to talk to you!  Stop by the center at 2301 N Soncy in Amarillo or give us a call or email at


Thank you!