Our Nature Tours

pocket gopher 040414


Guided Tours

Custom Tours - For those who are interested in a specialized tour such as birding, deer watching, insect hunting, plants or even historic sites and photography opportunities we can organize a custom tour for individuals and groups.  Group size ls limited to ten individuals age 12 and older. Cost is $10.00 per person for guests and half price for members.  There is a minimum charge of $25.00 if the group is less than five people.  

Custom Tours may be reserved for just about any day of the week depending on our schedule and must be reserved a week before you want to go on the tour.  Please use the Contact Us form on this site to state what type of tour you are interested in, and the number of people in your group.  Leave a phone number if you want your reservation confirmed by phone or just wait for a confirmation via email.

Scheduled Tours - These tours are led by naturalists on scheduled dates and times.  Scheduled Tours are available on Saturday mornings during warm months and at other times when appropriate for the season.  All Scheduled Tours are listed in our Events Calendar.  Cost per person is our normal Nature Trail Fee.  Use our Contact Us form to reserve your place in a group.  Some Scheduled Tours have a limit on the group size as listed for the tour.

Benefits - Since both types of tours are led by trained and experienced naturalists who are well acquainted with our wildlife and their habitats, you will be led to off-trail areas appropriate for the tour.  Your guide will be able to train you how to be a better nature observer and help you better understand the natural world around you.  Want to learn more? Just Ask!


Self Guided Tours

Visitor's Center and Nature Walks - Simply wander along the sidewalks around headquarters and Libb's Trail to see a small representation in five acres of many of the plants and some of the animals who live on the rest of our 640 acres of wildlife preserve along our designated nature trails.  See photographs and information about our residents and the history of our land in the Visitor's Center.  Want more detailed information?  Use our research library of guides and books to learn more about the natural world in our region.  If you are interested in helping us collect observational data, we have several observation report forms available for our citizen scientists!

 Published self-guided tours are being developed. In the meantime, trail maps are available in the Visitor Center.

 Learn about some of our seasonal residents and points of interest in several different areas of our facilities.  Increase your powers of using all five senses to explore the natural world around you by following suggestions given in the tour brochure.  Learn how to become a citizen scientist by recording your observations! If you are vigilant, and keep your eyes alert, you might see something like this little fella pictured above - a pocket gopher who popped his head above ground recently while Exec. Director was putting out birdseed.