Our Nature Trails

Trail Down to the Windmill

On the Windmill Tail
This photo was taken during early spring of 2011 and shows drought conditions which did not improve much throughout the rest of the year.
We currently have 5.3 miles of hiking trails at our facility giving you access to various types of natural habitats, geological and historic features. It is our goal to preserve and maintain all off-trail areas for our native flora and fauna and reduce the impact that humans make on natural habitats.

Natural and historic artifacts as well as geological features should never be disturbed by our guests so that they may be preserved ion their natural state for others to observe and enjoy just as you do. The same goes for our native residents which should never be handled or collected unless part of one of our nature study or data collection programs which are led by staff or qualified scientists, educators and volunteers.

We do encourage our visitors to bring binoculars which are helpful for observing birds and deer. We also encourage visitors to bring cameras and share your photos on our Facebook social account at Wildcat Bluff. During your visit, use your smart phone to "check in" to the official Wildcat Bluff Nature Center location page on Facebook where all our official public notices and current conditions are posted. We do have open Wi-Fi available near both buildings for devices capable of wireless communications.

Trail Etiquette

Please protect the nature center by following these simple rules:

  • ~ Do not disturb or remove wildlife, plants, natural materials.or historic artifacts.
  • ~ Carry out everything you carry in.
  • ~ Leave no trace of your visit except footprints.
  • ~ Stay on the designated people trails and off the wildlife trails.
  • ~ Refrain from making loud noises or disturbing wildlife.
  • ~ Respect the other visitors who have come to observe animals and plants in their natural habitat.
  • ~ No dogs are permitted, please leave them at home.
  • ~ No bicycles are permitted.
  • ~ No recreational running permitted.
  • ~ No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  • ~ No climbing on the bluff or trees. These are protected wildlife habitats.
  • ~ No smoking or open flames - Fire danger is HIGH!
  • ~ No camping.

Your trail experience will be much more enjoyable if you walk at a slow or moderate pace and avoid making much noise. You will not only notice more of your surroundings but the critters won't be alarmed before you get a chance to spot and observe them. There may be others on the trail close by who will appreciate the opportunity to observe and photograph without being distracted as well. It is not unusual to find bits of trash that may have blown in from the highway or left by other visitors. Please help to remove it when you spot it in order to keep the grounds as pristine as possible.

Here is more information about hiking our nature trails Wild Sighting - 2012/01/16.

During the Summer months, it will be necessary to take special precautions on hot sunny days. Summer Hiking Tips


LiBB's Trail

Entrance to Libb's Trail

Libb's Trail Entrance
Libb's Trail is area is located west of the Visitors Center. The paved walkways make it easy for people using wheelchairs and strollers to experience a small representation of the rest of our 645 acres of natural Texas High Plains river breaks habitats.

On the LiBB's trail you can enjoy a short, wheelchair-accessible cement trail that meanders over three acres directly behind the Nature Center's Visitor Center. Marked trail posts correspond to an activity packet that encourages observation and critical thinking.


Bluff Trail

Bluff Trail

Bluff Trail Map
Map of the Bluff Trail

Journey along the 0.8 mile (one-way) ground level trail that concludes with a spectacular view from the top of the bluff. This is a great place to view huge cottonwood trees and the riparian valley.


Windmill Trail

Windmill Trail Map

Windmill Trail Map
An overhead view of the Windmill Trail.

Take an adventure along the 0.7 mile (one-way) ground level trail that takes you across a mesquite-filled landscape to an authentic, working windmill and water tank. This is a great place to see the riparian landscape of the historical West Amarillo Creek.


Prairie Loop Trail

Prairie Loop Trail Map

Prairie Loop Trail Map
The first part of the Prairie Loop Trail starts with the Prairie Dog Town Trail which loops around to join up with the Windmill Trail at the windmill. The rest of the loop trail follows the Windmill Trail back to headquarters.

This trail was named after a resident community of Prairie Dogs. The community does not exist anymore, alas. The trail is approximately 2 miles long with no significant change in elevation except on the lower portion of the Windmill Trail.


New Trails

We are adding new trails this year, including, for the first time, a runners' trail. It's not open yet, but stand by for updates.