Daubinmier Frame

Daubinmier Frame
We can learn more about the dynamics of climate and how nature responds by using standard methods of collecting data over an extended period of time. Anyone can learn to use this tool and we need your help to collect the data we need.
The best way to explore nature is to learn about plants and animals and the ecosystems they live in.  Just by learning the common and scientific names of Our Residents will help you understand a bit more about them and gain a better appreciation of the world we live in.

We offer a number of ways in which you can learn more about mysteries of nature and how it works in the Texas High Plains Region.  Much of this information can be helpful to you when you travel outside our region as well!

Easy ways to learn include attending presentations and programs at the Gilvin Natural Science Center or one of our Outreach Programs. The best way to learn is by participating in one of our Workshops, Projects or Citizen Science Activities.

Our learning opportunities are specially developed for the General Public, Students of all ages and Scouts.

Click on the links below to explore some of the learning opportunities we have available and you may also want to check our Event Calendar for scheduled learning opportunities.