Programs at Our Facilities

A number of education opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.  See our Event Calendar for upcoming programs, guided tours and activities.

We have a number of Observation Reports available according to your nature interests.  Help us several times a year by recording your observations so we have a better idea of what changes are taking place throughout the year.  Need help identifying mammals, birds, plants or bugs?  Just ask us or use our picture identification resources to learn a name and from there you can use our field guides and other reference materials from our Resource Library in the Visitor's Center to learn more about the things you and others have observed.

Outreach Programs

If your group can't visit us then we can visit you!  Please Contact us if you would like to know more and/or make a reservation for a program at your location. If you wish to speak to us directly, call 806-352-6007.

Programs for Students, On-site.

Class Nature Walks and Activities

Teachers may arrange to bring one or more classes to our facilities for nature education field trips. During the warm months, we recommend scheduling your visit between 9:00am to 11:00am in order to avoid the heat of day.

The number of activities available for your student group will depend on the length of time you will be at our facilities and the number of students in your group. For example, if there will be 80 students in your group for a period of two hours. We will split the the students up into groups of 20 who will then be rotated through 4 different activities scheduled 20-25 minutes for each activity.  Most activities will be outdoors and at least one will be in our Gilvin Building.

Students will learn about natural, cultural and geologic history, botany, biology, ecology, weathering, land use management and receive an introduction to some of our many residents.  At least one of the activities for grade levels 5 and up will include an introduction to methods of collecting and recording scientific data and/or specimens for analysis.

Reservation Procedure: All student group visits must be reserved and confirmed in advance of your visit.  Take a look at our Event Calendar to see if the date for your field trip is still available. Then, please use the Contact form to tell us when you would like to reserve a date, the anticipated arrival and departure times, the grade levels and total number of students and total number of adults plus the name of the school you represent.  We require a ratio of at least one adult for every ten students not including our instructors.

All participants should be prepared for exposure to prevailing weather and sun exposure, and wear proper clothing for walking on bare dirt trails and some vegetation. You should arrange for personal drinking water to bring with you. If you forget, you can purchase a $1 bottle from us, which you may fill with well water, any time you visit, free of charge. Both of our buildings have large shaded verandas where meals can be enjoyed.  Please note that we expect you to either  take your trash with you or put it in trash cans provided and then take to the dumpster in our back parking lot. Any food materials left on our property will cause our wild raccoons, possums, skunks, coyotes and rodents to litter it all about so please help us out!

Program fee: $3.00 per student.   Deposit of $35 required at time of booking. Minimum fee: $60.  (If you request a live animal program, the flat fee for this is  $125 for a 50 minute program and a maximum of 30 students. Each immediately subsequent program will be $90. Some wiggle room possible if we have scholarship funds available)

Balance of fee is due on arrival if not pre-paid. If your school needs to be billed, we must receive a purchase order in advance of your field trip if a receipt is required. Send the purchase order to the following address. Or email us at

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center
P.O. Box 52132, Amarillo, TX 79159

Educational Programs

  • These programs have been developed for various grade levels, but can be modified according to need. They can be presented at any location throughout the Texas Panhandle, including our Education Building. Costs vary depending on location and class size.
  • All programs are aligned with TEKS.

  • We look at released tests to see where students are having difficulty.

  • When a teacher requests a program, we always ask what concepts students (and teachers) are having problems understanding. All programs will be modified to meet those needs.

  • At a teacher’s request, a new program is developed.

  • Programs can be combined to cover more than one topic.

  • In the future, programs will be written to include Texas History. We now have one of the commemorative Quanah Parker Trail Comanche Arrows at Wildcat Bluff. We have an authentic teepee and hope to build a pioneer soddy.

  • If you want us to design something specific to your needs, just ask.

  • The following is a list of programs we currently offer at Wildcat Bluff. All programs include models, exhibits, specimens and hands- on activities. We now have a collection of mounted Texas High Plains wildlife:


  • Interpretive Hike
  • Texas Insects and Their Relatives
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • The World of Birds
  • Animals of the High Plains
  • Animals A-Z
  • Talking Rocks and Bones


  • Insects From Around the World
  • Butterflies and Beetles
  • Wasps, Bees, Ants 
  • other 


These programs can be delivered to homeschool groups,  Girl and Boy Scout troops, Science, and other related clubs, upon request.